Hi. I’m Barbara, and I’m a poet.

I’m from Tennessee, and should be read with long, loopy vowels and relatively hard Rs. Many words I consider as rhyming, aren’t.

It took a while to decide just what I wanted to be when I grow up. About fifty years. Glad that’s settled.

What would you find interesting? White Bluff, where I live, is near Nashville, which is “home” if home is referred to in a poem that doesn’t include livestock. Cats, yes; children, no; spouse, the (insert long string of positive modifiers) Jim.  Influences? My first poetic crush was Ogden Nash, who is always surprising. Dylan Thomas. Gerard Manley Hopkins’ “Pied Beauty.” “The Naming of Parts” by Henry Reed. C.D. Wright. Lately, I’ve been reading Diane Seuss and Tiana Clark.

I draft in ink, using two notebooks. Elsewise, that line I scratched so thoroughly five minutes ago had the perfect wording for this new context. Things go onto the iPad after they have an identity of their own. As long as something’s handwritten, it expects to be changed.

Journals I’m published in have a way of becoming defunct.


  1. There is no muse
  2. One does not HAVE TO have something important to say
  3. It is fun to subvert prompts
  4. I’ll come up with something for #4 later

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