Like a Movie. Like a MarySue


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The Big Show
She Is Like a Mary Sue
Eleven Letters from Frank
Because No One Asked
Four Clear Words in a Whispered Room
She Is Born in the Rain
Rubies in the Gravel
She Was Stunned Dull/Breaking Alive
Birds in a Sentimental Movie
She Dreams of Her Husband Frank
One of the Cousins Calls On His Widowed Aunt
One Undergoes the Change
A Niece Sleeps on the Sofa Bed
Seeing Aunt Sister
The Woman’s Body Over Time

peaches and joy and chagall


peaches and joy and chagall

I love to see the groom and bride weaving
through the chimney pots, soaring
like married kites. They make me happy
the way peaches do, dripping with sunlight.

Sometimes I make peach sandwiches on white.
Sometimes I slice peaches like hemi-cheerios.
Peach juice runs down my chin hairs. Joy
sticks to my fingers and my wedding ring.


A Los Blues


Heaven Can’t Be Like They Paint It, All Cerulean Blues
Sky Blue King and Copper Penny
Byzantine and Lonesome Yodel #2
Worn-thin, Ragged Hem, Dying Denim Blues
The One with the Cornflower Eyes
Happy as a Bluebird in Meal Worms
Tiffany Blue Cloisonné
Wear No Shoes and Low-fire Egyptian Blue Beads
Picasso’s Persian Blues
Caught Red-handed with the Blues

winter tree