For Quickly’s Elements

Miz Quickly


[Once in a mythic lifetime]

Once in a mythic lifetime
the phoenix mounts his pyre, destroys,
becomes himself again—pure and dangerous.

Overnight a pasture—
two gravid mares, roan mule with strawberry bangs—
became a grid of houses,
each with a mop on the unpainted deck.

In a week a strip of what-was-once—
a quick mart, old motels, hablamos car lots—
became a glassy mall, offerings just ahead of the season,
clearance a step behind.

A generation of smoke and sauce,
the pit shack grew a room with tables,
chairs, and paper towels; a potted philodendron;
two spider plants from which anyone can take pups.

A little thought, some breath—
the glassblower shapes a flower
carelessness will turn to sand.

In real, slow time, a woman
grew from the body of a girl.
Barring the unforeseen
she’ll be here for a while.


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